Show your customers you’re going above and beyond for their safety during the COVID crisis

Safe Place to Shop is a trusted third-party review site that collects and publishes verified consumer reviews about the precautionary health and safety steps taken to protect your customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Consumers, retailers: let’s join forces to face the post-lockdown world together!


Build and maintain customer-trust during COVID-19

Have you taken every precaution to protect your consumers from the health threat of COVID-19? Do your customers feel safe in your stores and let you know?

If so, tell the world with “Safe Place to Shop”, a trusted third-party review site by WizVille, that collects and publishes verified buyer feedback on the safety measures implemented in your points of sale.

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Find out what your customers think about your health and safety measures

Ask your customers how they feel about the health and safety measures set up to protect them from the coronavirus threat.

Identify areas for improvement to optimize their experiences as quickly as possible and attract new customers. Once you have reached a good customer satisfaction level, share your Safe Place to Shop customer satisfaction badge of honor and all of your customer reviews in-store or online!


Display your Safe Place to Shop store-front certificates

Increase your foot traffic and purchase volume by displaying your Safe Place to Shop certificate in your store front window display. Consumers will see your average satisfaction score as well as a link to all of your customer reviews, published in compliance with ISO 20488: 2018.

And to let your customers know that your are taking the COVID-19 risk seriously, ask for your Safe Place to Shop sticker to display on your storefront.

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…share your customers’ love online!

70% of consumers are ready to head back to their favorite retail stores, but 21% still haven’t made their minds up.

Encourage your customers to visit your stores by sharing your Safe Place to Shop customer reviews on your website, Store Locators or pages dedicated to your stores, as well as in all your marketing communications!

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50% of all fees are donated to charity

Subscriptions to Safe Place to Shop by WizVille, are based on a pay what you want scheme.

A recommended price, 50% of which will be donated to the Intrahealth COVID-19 Frontline Health Worker Fund, will however be specified in order to provide health workers with what they urgently need to continue to fight this global pandemic.

Safe Place to Shop Donations to Intra Health
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How it works

Compliance with ISO 20488: 2018 customer review standard

These companies trust us:

The Safe Place to Shop system is based on our Trustville technology, which is already used by more than 5.000 points of sale to collect and share their customer feedback:

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In lingerie even more than elsewhere, our customers must have enough confidence to come and try the products. The Safe Place to Shop tool is a great asset to help us reassure our customers. What could be better than real testimonials to demonstrate our ability to welcome and serenely advise our customers?
Amélie Le Deist, Chief Knowledge Officer, Groupe Chantelle
Maison Cent Vingt-Trois has always been strongly committed to the safety of our visitors, customers and teams. The “Safe Place to Shop” service is totally in line with this approach and our desire to offer a pleasant shopping experience to each customer.
Laurent Brangeon, Retail Director, Maison 123, Groupe Etam
With it’s verified customer review tool Trustville, WizVille has clearly helped Doc’Biker establish its legitimacy in its quality of service. With the ongoing health crisis, it was necessary to invent something else. Wizville has fully anticipated this by launching SafePlacetoShop to reassure our customers about health security in our centers, well done!
Lionel Boyaval, Chief Executive Officer, Doc'biker
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